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18 October 2012 @ 09:20 pm

A/N: So this sweet thing is on Swedish just so you know. I heard this one quote that was the inspiration for this one.

On how their marriage had lasted 65 years the old couple answered:

"We were born in a time if something was broken we would fix it, not throw it away..."

Deras äktenskap hade blivit svårare och svårare under året som hade gått. Det var sanningen. Han visste om dem inte gjorde något nu så skulle inte deras äktenskap finnas om ett år. Det enda som skulle finnas kvar var minnen. Han skulle aldrig kunna leva med sig själv om han inte gav sitt allt för att få deras förhållande att fungera igen.

Hon stirrade in i spegeln och försökte se om det gångna året hade satt några spår. Hon kom fram till att det enda som hade förändrats var hennes ögon. De var inte längre fyllda med kärlek och lycka utan såg skyddade ut. Hon visste mycket väl varför dem hade förändrats så. Vad hon inte visste var vad hon skulle göra åt det. Det enda hon var säker på var att något måste göras.

Han stod i köket och tittade ut mot vattnet när han såg henne i fönstret. Hon lutade sig mot dörrkarmen och tittade intensivt på honom. Han väntade på att hon skulle komma fram mot honom och hålla om honom som hon hade gjort i början av deras äktenskap. Istället såg han hur hon tittade ner mot golvet, suckade och gick till köksön.

Hon gick mot kökson och satte igång vattenkokaren. Det föll henne naturligt att fråga honom om även han ville ha te. Hon drop upp läpparna lite när han som vanligt svarade "nej tack, men lite kaffe skulle sitta fint". Hon vände sig om och började fixa med muggarna. Hon blev stel när hon plötsligt kände hans händer mot hennes höfter. Tårar dök upp i hennes ögon när han flyttade på hennes hår åt sidan och han lutade sin panna mot hennes nacke.

Han stod inte ut längre. Han var tvungen att röra henne. Abrupt vände han sig om och gick med bestämda steg mot henne. Han stannade några steg ifrån henne och hans händer skakade när han placerade dem på hennes höfter. Han kände tydligt hur hon stelnade till. Han lyfte ena handen och flyttade på hennes hår. Han kände hennes darriga andetag när han lutade sin panna mot hennes nacke. Han tog ett djupt andetag och andades ut.

Huden brände där hans händer låg, genom hennes linne. Hon tog några djupa andetag innan hon sakta vände sig om. Deras pannor var mot varandras och hon tog tag i hans midja. Inget fanns förutom dem i detta ögonblick. Hon viskade till honom "du känner det också eller hur? Det är inte bara jag som inbillar mig?". Hon kände hur hans grepp runt hennes höfter blev hårdare och han viskade tillbaka "nej, du inbillar dig inte".

Han hörde henne säga "vad gör vi? Vi måste fixa det. Jag älskar dig fortfarande". Han drog sina armar runt ryggen på henne och tryckte henne närmare sig. Han kände hur hon lade sina armar runt nacken på honom och höll hårt. Han sade till henne "jag älskar dig också. Oerhört mycket. Aldrig att jag ger upp det här med dig utan att göra allt jag kan, och kanske inte ens då."

Hon tryckte sitt asikte mot hans nacke och försökte dölja sina tårar. Hon kände hans hand på hennes huvud, fram och tillbaka. På skakig röst sade hon "bra, för jag är inte heller villig att ge upp detta utan att göra mitt allt för att få det att fungera".

Han andades ut av lättnad och han förståd att det hade funnits en rädsla över att hon inte skulle vilja detta. Han stod kvar med armarna runt henne och lovade sig själv att han aldrig skulle lämna henne. Han var hennes, nu och för alltid.

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10 December 2011 @ 07:12 pm
AN: Another story written for my english class. Quite proud of it to be honest.

WARNING: Mention of rape but nothing to graphic.

Keep the love flowing

I leaned against the tree and followed the girl with my eyes. Mentally, I started going through the criteria in my head; blonde, younger than 25, alone, cellphone pressed against the ear.

“Perfect”, I thought to myself. I started to walk towards her slowly. I didn’t want her to notice me. I walked behind her for a while. It’s amazing how easy it is, walking behind someone when they have convinced themselves that there are no bad things in the park at night. It’s even easier when their guard is down while speaking on the phone. It truly surprises me at times.

We are now at the end of the park and her steps start to pick up. Maybe she is a bit afraid still. She says bye to the person on the phone and put it in her bag. Right before she steps outside the park, I step forward and grab her around the neck.
She is trashing and tries to scream but I’m covering her mouth. I drag her to a clearing a bit further away so no one will hear her scream.

- Stupid girl, I whisper in her ear. Walking around alone at night in the park. Did you really think that was a good idea?

I throw her at the ground and she hits it hard. She turns around fast and looks at me with her eyes full of fear. She starts pleading with me. Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, she says to me. I bend down and touch her cheek slowly with my index finger. Her skin is so smooth.

- What’s your name? I ask her.
- Andrea, she answers me, her voice quivering. Please don’t kill me.
- If you behave I might not, I tell her with a sinister smile. Do you promise to behave?
- Yes, yes! She spurts out faster than lightning.

I sit down on the ground and cross my legs.

- Run, I tell her.

She looks at me with confusion in her eyes. I tell her again;

- Run.

She scrambles up and looks at me before she starts running through the trees. I stand up, dust of my hands on my jeans and starts walking in the same direction.

Keep running Andrea. Keep running! I scream in my mind. This might be your only chance to get away from that man.
Suddenly I stumble on a tree root and fall flat on my face. I hear footsteps behind me and even though I try to get up I can’t get footing on the ground

- Andrea, he says to me in his cold voice. I thought I told you to run. You misbehaved.
- No, no! Please! I just fell. I promise I will start running again. Just give me another chance.
- But Andrea. You misbehaved and girls that misbehave got to be punished.

I feel him drag his hand over my side and I shiver in fright. I look on his face and all I see are his crazy eyes staring back at me full of coldness and lust. I feel him playing with the zipper of my sweater and he slowly drags it down. I now completely understand what he’s about to do and I start to beg him to stop;

- Please, please! Don’t do this. I beg you. Please.

He’s finished with the zipper and pulls the sweater apart. I start trashing around trying to get away from him but all he does is laugh and say;

- I like it when you fight.

He thrust his hips forward and I can feel his arousal against me. I start sobbing loudly and calling for help.

- You really think someone is going to here you? It’s in the middle of the night in this big park.

He zips open his own jeans and drags them down along with his trousers and once again thrust against me.

- Do you feel what you do to me? With all your trashing and sobbing? It’s such a turn on.

He starts taking off my jeans and I fight. God, how I fight. But he’s so much stronger than me. Now I’m totally bare in front of him and as he thrust his hips into me I scream out in pain.

She’s completely bare in front of me and her white skin shines in the moonlight. She looks so ravishing and I stiffen even more. I can’t take it more and as I thrust in to her she screams out in pleasure and I feel complete.
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22 November 2011 @ 01:35 pm
AN: I wrote this little poem for my english class last week and thought I would share it.

Keep the love flowing.

It was a long time ago,
when I first saw your smile.
And I knew something would change. I felt the gravity shift.

And now we are finally here. After a lot of struggles.
And I couldn’t be happier to soon pledge my love to you.
To pledge to spend the rest of my life with you. A life full of love.

I love you. 
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16 November 2011 @ 10:43 am
I will meet him today!
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11 November 2011 @ 08:37 pm
I just have a lot of feelings tonight xD
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05 November 2011 @ 11:04 pm
AN: So this is the first thing I have written in almost two years without it being a school assignement so I actually find it hard to believe I finished something... So what you are about to read is so my style and if I put up other things here on LJ it will be in this kind of style too. No sad endings with me as the author. Hope you enjoy and be kind to me ;)

Keep the love flowing.


Her breath was hard and her head was spinning. She was so tired but she couldn’t stop. She had to keep running. She heard him scream her name in the background and the pounding of his feet got closer. She could almost feel his breath down her neck and suddenly he was grabbing her wrist and pulled her to a stop. She twirled around and said with conviction.

Let me go.

He looked into her eyes and simply answered:

- No Rebecka.

They stood still with the only sound being their breaths coming out in short gasps. It might have been a few seconds. It might even been an hour until one of them said anything.

- You need to stop running. Not everybody will hurt you girlie, he said with a grim expression.
- Yeah, she scoffed. That’s what history proven so many times right…
- History change. It is that simply. You have been hurt in the past. That does not mean that you will be hurt in the future.
- It does also not mean that I will NOT be hurt.

He sighed and interlaced his hand with hers.

- I don’t know what I can say to convince you that what we have is good. Screw the age difference. Screw people’s opinions. This is our relationship. This is you and me. Not anybody else. It’s us.

Rebecka just kept on ignoring him. He sighed once again:

- Girlie… I’m not saying that you will not be hurt completely. Life’s a bitch sometimes. It’s just the way it is. You will get hurt and you will be sad. I can’t promise you that I will protect you from all that because I will not be able to. What I can promise you is that I will be there. I can be the shoulder you lean on when you are hurt or sad. When you are crying. I can be that. And that’s got to be enough because that and all my love is all I got to give you. No more or no less. And if that’s not enough… We go our separate ways.

He let go of her hand and turned around. She stood there staring at his back as he walked further and further away.

- TOM! she suddenly yelled and started running after him. She saw him turning around and came to a stop in front of him

- You always do that Tom! You have to stop doing that, she said with a small smile.
- Doing what? he asked confused.
- Giving those big speeches and then turn around. We’re not in a movie Tom.

He chuckled a bit and then looked up at her. She took two more steps so they were almost chest to chest and looked up into his eyes. She laced her arms around his neck and answered his previous question.

- Of course it’s enough. It has always been enough. You know how I get Tom. Nervous and full of fear. But you just being you and you loving me as always been enough. No matter what.

He kept looking into her eyes and placed her hand on her hips.

- Good, he said with a brilliant smile on his lips.


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