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10 December 2011 @ 07:12 pm
My Gothic Story  
AN: Another story written for my english class. Quite proud of it to be honest.

WARNING: Mention of rape but nothing to graphic.

Keep the love flowing

I leaned against the tree and followed the girl with my eyes. Mentally, I started going through the criteria in my head; blonde, younger than 25, alone, cellphone pressed against the ear.

“Perfect”, I thought to myself. I started to walk towards her slowly. I didn’t want her to notice me. I walked behind her for a while. It’s amazing how easy it is, walking behind someone when they have convinced themselves that there are no bad things in the park at night. It’s even easier when their guard is down while speaking on the phone. It truly surprises me at times.

We are now at the end of the park and her steps start to pick up. Maybe she is a bit afraid still. She says bye to the person on the phone and put it in her bag. Right before she steps outside the park, I step forward and grab her around the neck.
She is trashing and tries to scream but I’m covering her mouth. I drag her to a clearing a bit further away so no one will hear her scream.

- Stupid girl, I whisper in her ear. Walking around alone at night in the park. Did you really think that was a good idea?

I throw her at the ground and she hits it hard. She turns around fast and looks at me with her eyes full of fear. She starts pleading with me. Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, she says to me. I bend down and touch her cheek slowly with my index finger. Her skin is so smooth.

- What’s your name? I ask her.
- Andrea, she answers me, her voice quivering. Please don’t kill me.
- If you behave I might not, I tell her with a sinister smile. Do you promise to behave?
- Yes, yes! She spurts out faster than lightning.

I sit down on the ground and cross my legs.

- Run, I tell her.

She looks at me with confusion in her eyes. I tell her again;

- Run.

She scrambles up and looks at me before she starts running through the trees. I stand up, dust of my hands on my jeans and starts walking in the same direction.

Keep running Andrea. Keep running! I scream in my mind. This might be your only chance to get away from that man.
Suddenly I stumble on a tree root and fall flat on my face. I hear footsteps behind me and even though I try to get up I can’t get footing on the ground

- Andrea, he says to me in his cold voice. I thought I told you to run. You misbehaved.
- No, no! Please! I just fell. I promise I will start running again. Just give me another chance.
- But Andrea. You misbehaved and girls that misbehave got to be punished.

I feel him drag his hand over my side and I shiver in fright. I look on his face and all I see are his crazy eyes staring back at me full of coldness and lust. I feel him playing with the zipper of my sweater and he slowly drags it down. I now completely understand what he’s about to do and I start to beg him to stop;

- Please, please! Don’t do this. I beg you. Please.

He’s finished with the zipper and pulls the sweater apart. I start trashing around trying to get away from him but all he does is laugh and say;

- I like it when you fight.

He thrust his hips forward and I can feel his arousal against me. I start sobbing loudly and calling for help.

- You really think someone is going to here you? It’s in the middle of the night in this big park.

He zips open his own jeans and drags them down along with his trousers and once again thrust against me.

- Do you feel what you do to me? With all your trashing and sobbing? It’s such a turn on.

He starts taking off my jeans and I fight. God, how I fight. But he’s so much stronger than me. Now I’m totally bare in front of him and as he thrust his hips into me I scream out in pain.

She’s completely bare in front of me and her white skin shines in the moonlight. She looks so ravishing and I stiffen even more. I can’t take it more and as I thrust in to her she screams out in pleasure and I feel complete.
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